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3 ❀ Video (backdated to the 14th)

[One year. She's been in Luceti for one whole year, and not even an Auldrant year at that. So much had happened, that it was kind of hard to believe that it had only been such a short period of time.]

[Anise doesn't know if this occasion is really something to "celebrate", but hey, no point in letting the day go by without an announcement! So she props open the journal, putting on her best grin.]

Hey everyone! ♥ Cute Anise has officially been in Luceti for one whole year! So if you've got any presents, then you should hand them riiiight over! ♥

[Oh yeah, she had told Tear she would look into something...]

Anyway, how many of you here have pets? What are they and how do you take care of them? I've been thinking about getting a dog, but I'm always open for other other ideas! The house is just way too big and empty lately, especially when there aren't any presents around...

[hint hint wink wink nudge nudge]
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[Ahahaha... wow she's forward.] What kind of a present did you have in mind, Anise?

Hmn... I don't know much about pets, though. Mr. Asch keeps a cat and a cheagle, and they're not usually too much trouble. Maybe you could ask him about it.
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[Ginji lets out a low whistle. At least she knows what she wants! It's just too bad her audience has never had extra cash in his life.] Something expensive, huh? And then what are you going to do with it?

Maybe not, but they seem to get along okay. The cheagle tends to hang around, eats a lot of grass, and the cat just sort of stalks off for a while then shows back up later.

And you're right. He has been acting a little off lately. [But Ginji figures it's probably got to do with his vision. Guy being back might have something to do with it, too. Just a hunch.]
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[Sweatdrop.] I'm not too sure about expensive in price, Anise, but I could make you something. If nothing else, you could tell people it's one-of-a-kind.

[Inorite?] Mmhmm. Aston was taking care of a cheagle, too. The one you all brought back from that cavern. [A/N: He can't tell cheagles apart, okay. :|b]

[Oh. Well...] And well, he hasn't exactly come out and said, of course, but I do have a few ideas... [Which he'll divulge if she really wants to know.]
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[Ginji chuckles to himself, wondering what he's supposed to come up with and what all he might have just gotten himself into. He's heard this sort of thing before.] Just one catch, though. You can't sell it. Well, I mean, you can if you're really desperate or something...

[Ahh--well. Uh-oh. Ginji glances behind him to make sure the door's shut, then tinkers with the settings on the journal. After a few seconds, he replies quietly.] Um...well I still don't think he's really adjusted after everything that happened a few months ago. He's gotten a lot better about it, but... [He gestures vaguely with one arm.] And what with Guy disappearing and coming back without all his memories. Maybe Mr. Asch is worried that something might happen again.
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I guess it depends on what all happened. There are some things people don't easily get over, you know? But you do have a point. Mr. Asch isn't really the type to let these sorts of things slow him down for long.

[But despite all that, Ginji gets the feeling there are still people Asch cares about and worries over - in his own way. He just internalizes everything.]

There must be something else to it.
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[Aside from Asch's extra short temper and depressing attitude?]

Sorry, but that's all I've got right now.

Hmm...No, the house is pretty much the same. And anyway, even if there was something unusual, I don't know that Mr. Asch would notice it right away.
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Yeah. I'm sure it'll come out eventually, though. Whatever it is.

[...Maybe. And hopefully not when it's too late to do anything about it - if it's serious. But he's not Noir, he doesn't like to weasel, and with the atmosphere around the house, he wouldn't suggest anyone try it.]

[Ginji laughs weakly.] Isn't that the truth? But I doubt he'd go looking for them himself. Not unless he met a friend by happy accident.
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[Ginji gives a slow shrug.] Well, I'd say so. But then again, being a pretty good friend and being accepted as one are two different things.

[Still, that Asch gave him the option to stay in the first place rather than shooing him off counts as something. Maybe it's not friendship to Asch but, Ginji thinks, there's at least some quantity of trust involved.]
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[Hmn...] As his pilot, yes.

As his friend? I don't really know.
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Yeah...Probably not.

[Unless, you know, the guy could really use some help and just doesn't want to ask for it. He'll give both Anise's opinion and Asch's behavior the benefit of a doubt, though.]

Thanks, Anise.